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9 Lutego 2019

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7th editon of the International Shipwreck Festival

After the Shipwreck Festival in February 2016 and numerous conversations with our diving buddies, we have decided to move the event to Warsaw. It is no secret that it was a difficult time for the organizers. For many years, the festival was held in the capital of wreck diving, which is city of Lodz. Not wishing to stand in place, but to move forward… we decided it was time for new challenges and ideas. We feel nervous, but we believe that the next edition will be more than just an organizational success.

Thanks to our previous speakers, friendly atmosphere, efficient service and rich offer the festival has grown to such an extent that the local „holiday” for the diving community has become an international event. We are proud of the fact that at the invitation of the organizers, many top divers, shipwreck explorers and maritime historians from Europe and North America have responded once again.

The upcoming International Shipwreck Festival, within the welcoming walls of the University of Warsaw, is a marathon of presentations. We realize that because of the extensive program (as many as 24 presentations) and interesting appearances by the speakers we risk hearing words of… criticism. However, if this will be the only criticism and disapproval that we hear, we will take it as a compliment.

Well-known manufacturers of diving equipment and distributors have prepared alluring deals. For divers and sympathizers of history we have thought of a booth with books. It will be an opportunity to meet with the authors of publications about maritime history and shipwrecks from around the world.

A new addition to the program will be a banquet right after the festival, which will take place on the historical premises of the university. During the banquet, trophies will be awarded for the best project and the best presentation of the festival as well as the for the most interesting exhibition. Guests of the banquet will also have the chance to draw a prize provided by the sponsors!

Presentations in English:

  • Mark „Sharky” Alexander from USA – USS Monitor – The Civil War Iron Clad Battleship.
  • Leigh Bishop from UK – Mystery of the last Olympian – Britannic – 100 years on the seabed.
  • Pascal van Erp from Netherlands – Ghost Fishing: Technical diving meets environmental conservation.
  • dr. Brendan Foley from USA – The ancient shipwreck of Antikythera – new facts.
  • Danijel Frka from Croatia – SMS Szent Istvan – The Ill Fated Battleship.
  • dr. Timmy Gambin from Malta – Exploring the Phoenician Shipwreck off Gozo.
  • Kari Hyttinen from Finland – 3D photogrammetry in wreck documentation.
  • Gianmichele Iaria from Italy – “Il Giardino delle Sirene” – RAID ResEx project.
  • John Kearney from Ireland – Submarine activity southwest of Ireland during World War I and II.
  • Martin Parker from UK – Staying in The Loop.
  • Steven Slater from UK – The Darkstar dive team on the wreck of the Empress of Britain.
  • Immi Walin from Finland – Huis te Warmelo – 300 years old frigate with 40 guns in the Baltic Sea.

In the near future we will forward more information about what you can expect at the VII edition of the festival.

We also invite you to visit the festival’s Facebook page.

Download PDF version.

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